Chapter 5 – Environment and Ecology

  • People in Germany are known for their environmentally friendly behavior: they separate waste and try to recycle many things. Litter isn’t just dropped or left on the ground. This is true in towns and in the country, for example in parks, next to roads or in the woods. In public places people take their waste with them and throw it into the next waste bin, even if it means carrying their waste until they reach the waste bin. There are usually waste bins in public spaces, such as train stations, bus stops, parks, etc.

  • Lots of people in Germany try not to use too much energy or resources. They do this to protect the environment but also to save money. For example, people try to not leave the refrigerator open for too long (both at home and in supermarkets). People also usually switch off the lights when they leave a room.

  • Windows usually close very tightly, so sometimes you might need to open the windows to let some air in. To save energy, turn off the heating while the windows are open.

  • Many kinds of bottles have a deposit of between 8 Cents and 25 Cents on them. This deposit is refunded when you return the bottle. You can return bottles to any supermarket which sells them, not only the supermarket where you bought them. This is done to help the environment by recycling and re-using bottles and so producing less waste.