Chapter 4 – Equality

  • Discrimination because of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation is illegal. If someone discriminates you, or you feel threatened, even if only verbally: call the police. Never use violence in response to any type of comment, even if it is insulting, discriminating or threatening. Use of violence is illegal in Germany.

  • Men and women have equal rights and must be treated as equals. If a person tells you to leave them alone, you should leave them alone immediately. Harassing other people, both men and women, is strictly forbidden. Ask for permission before taking a picture of anyone.

  • Homosexuality is normal and legal in Germany. For example, one of the previous foreign ministers of Germany was openly gay. Homosexual couples can register themselves as a legal partnership.

  • People are free to choose who they want to marry and/or whether they want to get married at all. It is perfectly normal not to get married, to have unmarried parents or not to have or want any children.